Why more and more athletes are doing EMS training.

Why more and more athletes are doing EMS training.

Top athletes like Lionel Messi (soccer player) and Usain Bolt (sprinter) swear by EMS and have used it effectively to improve their performance. It made their training times more effective and improved their agility and speed. Research by sports scientists shows that your training will be up to 20x more effective than normal.

Ems training armsSurprisingly EMS (Electrical Muscle stimulation) has been used extensively for muscular contraction purposes since the 1960s.

Pockets of innovative use have developed throughout the modern age, but this has not translated to widespread usage despite the fact that—in the right hands—this technology can make a big difference.


What is EMS-Training?

Conventional training methods struggle to reach the smaller (stabilizing) muscles and the deeper muscle layers. Being able to use and activate these muscles enables you to achieve better results in the sports field. EMS, in combination with cardio training, does just that!
EMS is a highly effective form of training. By utilizing low and mid-frequency electric currents to significantly increase the body’s natural muscle contractions. As a result, more muscle fibers are activated when compared to conventional training methods.

It is a high intensity training as you exercise 98% of the muscles; with conventional workouts, people can only engage up to 50% of the muscle groups. The training doesn’t hurt, and is best described as a tingly deep tissue massage.

EMS-Training promotes weight loss, increases physical strength, stimulates muscle growth, and relieves tensions and muscular imbalances.

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With devices, like those from ITOUCH, allowing EMS training to be more accessible to Athletes and non-athletes a significant reduction in back pain has been seen. In some cases, EMS clients have even reported a total alleviation of their (chronic) back problems altogether. Due to the increase in both muscle tone and blood flow to neighboring tissue, EMS may also have a beneficial impact on cellulite problems.

How Does EMS-Training Work?

muscle nerves system

Itouch TENS/EMS devices utilize the body’s nervous system and activate muscle tissue through electric currents. These low or mid-frequency impulses are completely harmless when applied properly. The key difference to conventional training methods is that the electric stimulation allows for more muscle fibers to be activated during training. In short, more of the muscle is put to work.

ems Tens machine unit

The intensity of this effect can be controlled through regulation of the electric current itself and the performed exercises to best suit the athletes specific training goals.

 Localized electric muscle stimulation has been used for decades in physical therapy to treat various chronic ailments and bring relief to countless patients.


How to maximize EMS Benefits

To maximize EMS benefits use EMS in combination with conventional training, not instead of it.

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If we rely solely on voluntary strength training to prepare athletes, we are selling them short. Using an EMS, an athlete can contract a muscle group more completely and cleanly then by only lifting weights.

EMS bypasses the “noise” and works directly on the muscle to get a complete contraction. This is particularly important when targeting fast-twitch muscle fiber.

Many famous professional athletes use EMS alongside their sports-specific training. As EMS training enables very deep muscular contractions, this helps build a strong foundation of strength that can then be used in other forms of exercise. EMS training allows for sports-specific movements which will additionally help any athlete in training for their particular sport.

EMS facilitates recovery.

When athletes might not have the time or energy to implement recovery and regeneration protocols, EMS is an extremely useful tool.

EMS also allows you to be able to keep training in your field of sport despite being injured. During your recovery, you can stay fit and jump back into action when better without any muscle loss. 

ems tens recovery benefits

Active recovery protocols that encourage circulatory mechanisms within the body help facilitate more complete and expedient recovery in the comfort of their home.

In situations where athletes must travel long trips, waits in airports can be not only exhausting but can also lead to the stiffening of muscles and joints. If athletes perform periodic recovery protocols with an ITOUCH EMS unit, they can keep their bodies supple and well-maintained, in terms of oxygen circulation and the removal of waste products


How to train your muscles at home with EMS

With EMS you stick several electrodes on the skin and stimulate the underlying muscles with electrical stimulation current pulses. The electrical current pulses come from a special EMS device to which the electrodes are connected.

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  • Place the EMS electrodes at the appropriate points on your body (be very precise, as the position of the electrodes can determine the training success - if necessary, vary the placement slightly until you optimally address the muscles).
  • Connect the electrode to the EMS device.
  • Select the appropriate program.
  • After you have set the intensity, you can start directly.


 A training session usually lasts between 15 and 20 minutes per muscle group plus preparation time and follow-up time.

You can follow different EMS training plans:
  • Circuit training: You train the whole body in one session and schedule two days off between sessions.
  • Split training: You train different parts of the body alternately every day and repeat the training cycle every three days.

muscle toning belt ems training

Itouch offers a wide range of add-ons like the muscle toning belt that reaches a larger area than electro pads for better results in your EMS training.

Itouch devices use dual channeling which allows you to set the intensity to specific areas on the body to best suit your training program.

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