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Phone Massage

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USB/PHONE therapeutic massage machine acts to improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and sluggishness, and repel aches and pains, back pain, shoulder pain and stiff neck. The machine converts physical electrical signals into digital signals, propagating pulses that impact the body. Accurate signal conversion and direct contact as treatment can be guaranteed and efficiency is clearly improved. Plug directly from the USB signal cable port through the laptop USB port, phone charger or backup battery. Or use the phone for therapy via the adapter cable that comes with the product box. The product is packaged in a compact, water-resistant carrying case that is easy to carry when travelling.

- Long-life TENS / EMS pads designed to stick to your body with ease for effective muscle stimulation & Therapy
- The machine intensity has 6 levels controlled by the +/- button. Each level of the machine works automatically with 5 different pulse modes and a built timer that automatically shuts down after a 15-minute massage
- The signal cord has a green led light to indicate when it's active and has an energy-saving mode. When the machine is not in use, it will automatically turn off after about 10 seconds.

Two Patch outputs
Voltage: 4-5 VDC/ 300mAh
5 Massage modes and 6 intensity levels

What's in the box
1 x Shockproof storage bag
2 x pole signal cord
2 x Electro pads Size S
1 x 3-pin phone USB jack (micro, iPhone, Type-C)
65 g 13x20x2 cm