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Conductive Gloves

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These Gloves are designed with woven conductive fibers to bring comfort for the entire wrist and hand stimulation. Engineered to be compatible with ITOUCH TENS/EMS devices, they offer pain relief wrist and hand aches.


- These one-size-fits-most gloves are lightweight, comfortable, and have unique stretchable material.
- Glove length: 22cm (8.66inch)
- Re-usable, Long Life

It’s designed to relieve those with arthritis as it gives you night and day comfort and helps to retain your range of motion. Those gloves will assist to strengthen your hand and wrist muscles. Using this product is very simple, Simply attach the cords to your gloves and wear them. After that, set your ITOUCH device to your preferred setting and relax! 

Universal Compatible Tens Units

  • EliKing 
  • Domas
  • HealthmateForever
  • IQ Massager
  • Irest
  • iSmart
  • Magic Massage
  • Magic Masseuse
  • MassagePod
  • Palm Massager
  • PCH Life
  • DNA Therapy
  • Circulution 
  • Pinhook
  • Smart Relief
  • Sunmas
  • Tec Bean
  • TechCare
  • Therapeutix
  • Unimed TENS
  • And all others that utilize the standard 3.5mm snap connector.

When you’re looking for instant relief in a non-invasive manner, you can find it in all our ITOUCH products! Finally, a glove with a breathable and comfortable design.

Package Includes:
2x Stimulation Gloves (1 pair)